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2005 Mustang GT vs. PT Cruiser GT - Page 4 - The Mustang Source ...

2005 Mustang GT vs. PT Cruiser GT - The Mustang Source - Ford Mustang Forums

Which is Better - 2005 Mustang GT vs. PT Cruiser GT - Ok, typical story. This guy at work is talking **** and says that his PT cruiser is faster than my car. Well, I initially didn't care but he keeps at it. So I told him, fine lets see what your car can do. Well, I don't know what to epect out of these cars. Are they...

PT Cruiser Conversion


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The Plymouth PT Cruiser. Many custom made parts


While originally conceived by the Chrysler Group as a Plymouth model, the PT Cruiser ended up being launched onto the market as a Chrysler branded vehicle in 2000, following the Detroit carmaker's decision to axe Plymouth the following year. The rest, of course, is history with the PT Cruiser becoming a moderate success for Chrysler. Over the ten years it remained in production, and especially during its early days, the PT Cruiser drew the attention of many tuning and custom shops alike…

Custom Painted Green PT Cruiser | PT Cruiser Forum

The Russian painting. - PT Cruiser Forum

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lifted pt cruiser | inch Lift with PT Cruiser

The Camp Trailer 2 inch Lift Kit that adds height to your Tentrax.

This Camp Trailer 2 inch Lift Kit is perfect for a trouble free method that adds height to your Trailer. Built by Tentrax Trailers.