Seoul, South Korea

Details of the roof on Deoksugung Palace Seoul, South Korea. Deoksugung is a walled compound of palaces that were inhabited by various Korean royalty until the colonial period, around the turn of the century.

소금장수 [The Salt Vendor] 1910's

The Salt I'm always fascinated by the glamour of the past. But this pic reminds me of the suffering lifestyle of the poor.This poor old man should have retired along time ago.

"Sandals seller" -- an early Japanese Colonial Period postcard. National Anthropological Archive, Smithsonian Institution

"Sandals seller" -- an early Japanese Colonial Period postcard.

OLD KOREA - LAND OF THE MORNING CALM -- The Bean Grinder, SEOUL ca. 1899-1900

Seoul in Korean Empire – 35 Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in the Land of the Morning Calm in the

byunyounggeun: between winter and spring #423x30.5cm canvas on watercolor

Blue watercolors / between winter and spring ~ a self-published zine of watercolors by byun young geun

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