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Garderobbery by Pavel Ilyuk A really great depiction to the inspiration and influence of the rose garden packaging. Additionally, the sleek black background creates the perfect balance for the overall look. Oh, how I love stationary!

A big collection of well designed logos by Klaudia Szymańska, a Polish graphic and motion designer. This logo collection includes a variety of different logos created for diverse clients from different business fields. The list offers works based on simple lines, complex graphics, or custom letterings.

A big collection of well designed logos by Klaudia Szymańska. Klaudia Szymańska was born in She graduated at Polish - Japanese Institue of Informatio

LINE Café F&B / Food and beverage packaging by LINE FRIENDS PD

The popular messaging app LINE has a brand that is extremely widespread with a range of varieties to choose from, including consumable products.

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