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FOLD by nendo (JP) for Conde House in 2013.  A shelving unit made of interlocking wooden boards oriented to different angles to the left and right. Thanks to the superior craftsmanship of Conde House, a wood furniture manufacturer in Asahikawa in northern Japan, the joints appear seamless, as though single boards have been bent and interwoven like paper chains or a woven textile. It’s virtually impossible to know, looking at the shelves, how the parts are connected.

Called Fold, the piece for Japanese producer Conde House is made of interlocking wooden boards and has a zig-zag footprint so books can be slotted into recesses facing diagonally outwards in two directions.

[주문접수]카운터싱크워셔(Countersunk Washers) : 네이버 카페

Lee Valley's new Countersunk Washers solve the problem of screw heads splitting stock. The washer/screw combination applies force the same way a pan-head screw does, but is counterbored to a flush position. They're availabe in brass or stainless steel, in