Flat UI Pack for Apps – Build Apps. Beautifully

Flat UI Pack for Apps – Build Apps. Beautifully

굉장히 체계적으로 잘 정리된 샘플이다. 오늘 GUI수업 어플페이지 디자인할때도 이것을 참고하여 한페이지를 만들었는대 교수님이 전에꺼보다 훨씬 명료해졌다고 칭찬해 주셨다. 하지만 그대로 따라할 것이 아니라 나만의 디자인을 넣어야 하겠다.

A brilliant idea and useful productivity tool for web design. If you need a gift for a designer this would be great for an office gift exchange or…


I've just started working on the UI Style Guide for this project to keep the visual consistency.

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Samsung Card m Pocketdetail image

Snowbird Event Calendar

an alternative event calendar concept for the new snowbird site…. ---- is currently looking to book design engagements in & If you have something you'd like to partner on, feel fr.

Tril Branding + UX/UI App + Website on Behance

Showcase and discover creative work on the world& leading online platform for creative industries.

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