Photorealist painters, Roberto Bernardi, Eric Christensen and Steve Mills created these unbelievable hyper-realistic paintings

Better than photographs: Hyper-realistic paintings (19 photos)

A wave of refreshment - Hyperrealism Paintings by Jason de Graaf. Jason de Graaf was born in Montreal in 1971 and lives and works in Quebec, Canada. de Graaf uses photographs and infuses his works with detail and clarity that give them a separate life and


Food Painting, Small Paintings, Watercolor Journal, Vegetable Painting, Botanical Illustration, Fruit Legume, Vanity, Life, Garlic

Pencil Drawings, Art Colleges, Mimosas, Colored Pencils, Designs, Pastel, Watercolors, Color, Grafik Design

Colored Pencils, Design Art, Composition

기초디자인, 개체표현, 개체묘사, 금속질감, 질감표현, 풍선강아지, 풍선

기초디자인, 개체표현, 개체묘사, 금속질감, 질감표현, 풍선강아지, 풍선

Marker, Watercolour Paintings, Fruit, Coloring

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