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Fotograaf Amersfoort Thomas Thijssen fotografie | Faces - black and white portraits | 5:

"Guiño" - Original Poster What a look! He's quite the stand-out, with the bulging eye and playful look. There's a sort of joy to him that seems subdued but striking.

Contact - photo by Iryna Smolych (also know as Josephine Chervinska)

"Contact" by Iryna Smolych (aka Josephine Chervinska) . Such a tender moment in time between cat and person, young and old, beard and whisker! This sort of love -- the kind that you can see in the shared gaze -- is wonderful!


Love in all ages! slimmcharles: honey-eyed: Photo “Never Ending Love” by Zulkifli The little things we take for granted

Wrinkled Past fot Harshit Thaker "An Old Rabari Women, here telling the stories of her life, she told us the Story of a 'Bhua', Bhua's are Rabari Village's Saint, they consider them as Messengers of god, All Rabari's Follow a 'Bhua', They Believe in every word of 'Bhua', so much so that, if a 'Bhua' proclaims its 'Night' in Middle of Hot day, they will Believe it !"

Phot by Harshit Thaker "Like any other old woman, I like to tell my stories. Telling each other our stories is a traditional way that women have always shared their knowledge and their wisdom.