Ôasys UX/UI, design and rebrand on Behance

and rebrand : Design and development of the OS, UX/UI and user experience of Ôasys, an intelligent device that monitors your water consumption at home. Project that includes rebranding, custom made iconographic system, interactivity de

Taasky for Apple Watch by Jakub Antalík

Taasky for Apple Watch

UI Library is a growing library of transitional interface and interaction design patterns to help you inspire and communicate your UI ideas with people.

Fitness App iWatch [WIP] by Ramotion

Fitness Apple Watch App Interface - UX/UI

Smartwatch – Weather App Concept

Smartwatch – Weather App Concept

Smartwatch – Weather App Design Concept by Jan Erik Waider: Screendesign / Webdesign / Responsive Design / Interface Design / Mobile Apps