Natural Garden, Paris by Marion Dufour

Natural Garden, Paris by Marion Dufour editorial design with illustration of birds and flowers. Really cool collage style layout.

S | Editorial

Typography could be warped to fit around other objects on advertisement to fill up negative space, and to stop crowding on the page JW: CATEGORY: Text Wrap COMMENTS: The large S looks elegant on the page and the text fills the negative space nicely.

디자인 나스 (designnas) 학생 광고 편집 디자인 - 리플렛 포트폴리오 (advertisement leaflet)입니다. 키워드 : brand, ad, advertisement, leaflet, design, paper, graphics, portfolio 디자인나스의 작품은 모두 학생작품입니다. all rights reserved designnas

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Drop cap: I like this drop cap because even though it is hidden behind the text, it really pops out. I think that it is very unique.

Drop cap: I like this because it making use of the white space available. It is also kind of like a ship drop cap, peeking out from behind the text.

Colorful Pattern Brochure by Abra Design, via Behance:

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