Frontify // Branding on Behance

Branding Concept for Frontify - a highly innovative online application for frontend developers. The single shape within the new logo is usable for illustrative purposes as well as for UX/UI elements.


Villa Urbana, Projecto Pictogramas by Daniel Rodriguez, Xesta Studio and Tiago Costa

라인 아이콘 Behance 통해, UI 및 원위치 헤레라 더 / / 무한 확장에 대한 설정을

Line icon set for UI & more // Infinitely scalable by Situ Herrera, via Behance Icon Set 1

다양한 아이콘이미지 전체적으로 깔끔하고 흔히있는 아이콘들 외에 egg나 rocket같은 독특한 부분들이 눈에띈다

This is an excellent round up of best free icon sets 2013 . This post contains the best collection of different styled free icons for Web and UI designs.