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Visual Management Board for Lean Service Design

This is the Visual Management Board that I use as part of Lean Service Design Trilogy Program. It allows the Lean Engagement Team and others, instant status updates. The goals of Visual Management …

Six Sigma Map | Change Management | Pinterest

Complex, awkward, possibly confusing. This is not a lovely graphic, but boy does it cram a lot of good stuff into a small space. Problem solving is a crucial project management skill, and DMAIC is one of the best tools/toolsets.

Playing games is serious work. Traditional thinking is just plain wrong. Research shows that human beings have been hard-wired to express themselves and interact with each other through play. Engaging your customers, employees and stakeholders through Innovation Games delivers deeper, more actionable insight than is available through those stodgy brainstorming sessions, online surveys, focus groups or other tools.

The Cost Of Wargaming Matrix Games Sale - In a world where its increasingly likely that game bundles will soon be given away with Happy Meals, people are often flabbered right down to the gasts when they see the