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This oil-less, gas-less, emissions-less and virtually effortless electric scooter is the stuff that city-dwellers dream of.

Small, Portable Motor Lets You Transform Any Bicycle Into An Electric Bike

Created by London-based company Rubbee, the 'Rubbee Electric Drive' is a small detachable electric motor that can turn almost any bicycle.

my husband teaches 7th grade Geography.  He could use a multi purpose way.

Above: Globe Motorcycle Helmet. Custom motorcycle helmets from ‘Good Creative Marketing‘. Faceless-helmets have been adorned in various guises, such as a tennis ball, and human heads.

2000 W Electric Scooter by unu | MONOQI #bestofdesign

Elektro-Roller - Schwarz/Braun - alt_image_one

honda electric scooters

The EV-Cub is a green version of Honda's ridiculously popular Super Cub motorbike; along with the EV-N, it's part of their research into short-distanc.

A wheelchair accessible scooter. Brilliant!

YDS EV with Wheelchair Mount. YDS, a Japan-based automobile design firm, developed the wheelchair accessible electric drive vehicle.