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there is a boat that is docked in the water near some trees and bushes on the shore
an outdoor dining table with candles on it overlooking the ocean and boats in the water
a house on the side of a hill with trees and boats in the water behind it
an old yellow car parked on the side of a narrow street in front of buildings
a house that has some plants in front of it
Valley Vistas - Mediterranean - Exterior - San Francisco - by Ron Herman Landscape Architect | Houzz
an island with boats in the water and trees on it's side, surrounded by greenery
elena on Twitter
an orange tree filled with lots of oranges next to a bench and table in the grass
El camino del descanso
an outdoor dining table with fruit and wine on it, overlooking the ocean in italy
15 mágicos comedores de campo
an archway leading into a garden with potted plants
an alley way leading to a river in the countryside
10 lugares que ver en La Toscana imprescindibles - Viajeros Callejeros