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How To Create a Vintage Text Effect in Illustrator

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Could be cool to have isometric drawing of london with the landmarks as design related things

Los personajes: Lencho- Lencho es un hombre compensino, sencillo, súper fiel, y no muy culto. Él tiene mucha fe y no está agradecido.

cters have been created as an images for the stock selling, but I think it's nice enough to show it in my portfolio. Simple shapes and fast vector technique assumes careful choice of colors.

Isometric Models on Behance

A collection of my isometric models. This is an ongoing project and I will be adding more as time goes by.

Room of artist on Behance

ply I want to explore differences between living of my artistic friends. I know kinda lot of people from different fields connected to art and I was really amazed how much their job influence their flats.