Excellent footage of a pigeon flying away

Slow motion pigeon this week, as one of the most common birds in the world reveals some of its hidden secrets. Si discovers something weird going on in their.

Cool pyro bursts

Our 2013 showreel of Pyrotechnics and Special FX that we provide to make Melbourne City Wrestling the best sports entertainment experience in Melbourne!

Birds circling

3 birds circling and lots of small Black dots and Orbs in Slowmotion SlowMo Zeitlupe

Birds Circling

Panama Day Birds Circling the Miraflores Locks

Seagulls Circling

Seagulls swimming and circling

Great Collection of Reference

A Collection of Free Snowfall and Raindrop Texture to Add Up a Moody Feel

Great Collection of Reference

Slow Motion Leaf Falling

this was a test of my new camera toy

Creative commmons seagull footage

Black & White clip of seagulls sitting on a dock at the waters edege and flying away in Slow Motion

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