UI Animation

UI Animation

Dribbble - onboarding-for-dribb.png by Balkan Brothers. If you like UX, design…

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Please contact me if you are looking for a DJ Photo booth LED Dancefloor wedding DJ Birthday Party DJ or V

Dribbble - home_artopay.jpg by Bagus Fikri

Liking the main information so large/half screen. Could have more separation between transactions snippet and navigation icons. I do like the bottom tray navigation location.

Designing mobile applications require a profound understanding of the problem, the audience and the goals of your product. It's a task that involves UX designers, researchers and pretty much everybody that uses that problem.

MyWallet is a mobile finance management application. It allows to control personal budget and increase savings efficiency.

Financial App #UI Concept Design by DHL

I like the high contrast of this app design. Strong accent color on the dramatic dark background.

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