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Cymbidium Orchid - How to Grow Plant Care Guide

Cymbidium Orchard plant care guide. How to grow, identify, water, feed, and propagate a Cymbidium Orchid, also called a Boat Orchid. Read about orchid plant diseases and pests. See a picture and get answers to Cymbidium orchid plant care questions.

Catasetum macrocarpum [With Female Flowers] Unusual Flowers, Rare Flowers, Botanical Flowers, Tropical Flowers, Amazing Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Green Orchid, Orchid Plants, Unusual Plants

Orquídea: Catasetum macrocarpum/flor feminina

Sobre o Catasetum macrocarpum flor masculina há uma postagem neste blog e pode ser acessada pelo link; mas antes, o convido - caro leitor internauta - a conhecer um pouquinho, ao menos, sobre o catasetum macrocarpum flor feminina. As variedades de flores em masculinas e femininas são obviamente uma ferramenta da natureza, para - sempre que possível - haver a fecundação das flores, a formação de sementes e a reprodução natural dos catasetums. Neste caso, o macrocarpum, geralmente produz as…

i love orchids! Greenish tinge orchid - mom had all kinds of orchids, don't recall seeing this one. She's still here, but most of her flowers are gone - I'll take that! Unusual Flowers, Amazing Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Gorgeous, Orquideas Cymbidium, Green Orchid, Orchid Flowers, Cattleya Orchid, Purple Orchids

Blc Waianae Leopard x C LuLu (C)

Upon opening in the greenhouse, the orchid threw a greenish tinge (version B, C). Later (version A) fronting the refrigerator in-house, the flowers took on a more open ruddier glow.

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Egrow 200pcs/Bag Rare Orchid Seeds Bonsai Plant Seeds Natural Growth Flower Seeds for Home Garden

Best Plants For A Drought Tolerant Garden - Useful Garden Ideas and Tips Unusual Flowers, Rare Flowers, Types Of Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Rare Plants, Exotic Plants, Green Orchid, Rare Orchids, Orchidaceae

Anacheilium radiatum CH-19945 #anacheilium #encyclia #epidendrum #radiata #green #fragrant #orchid #orchidsbyhausermann

* Flower - 1.5 inches * Plant - 14 to 16 inches with pot * Also known as Encyclia radiata * From Central America * Fragrant * Bloomed in July

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Pleurothallis segregatifolia, 4mm flowers

It can be found at Monteverde cloud forest, Puntarenas, from 1200 to 1700 meters high. Varablanca and San Ramon are other locations for this cool species. This is one of the miniature orchids I do appreciate a lot. The flower detailed macro is on its way :)

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Bloom almost all the year. I use cocopeat and charcoal for the media. I grow it outdoor, full sun. Green Orchid, Orchid Flowers, Rare Orchids, Plant Species, Bella, Planting Flowers, Art Work, Table Lamp, Gardening

Coelogyne speciosa

Bloom almost all the year. But the plant doesn't look so great, I wonder why. I use cocopeat and charcoal for the media. I grow it outdoor, full sun...