spray painted hangers

Cute, but I can barely paint my toes, let alone my hangers. "I love this idea! Spray painted hangers, what a fun thing to see in the morning.

C-hanger dehumidifier

C-hanger is a hanger-type dehumidifier with deodorization and Sterilization function that manages not only clothes but also closet.

Bat hangers.

If you're a Batman fan, you'll love the Bat Hanger. It's a sophisticated, superhero clothes hanger design inspired by Batman. They'll transform your closet.


DIY Ideas:Closet Hangers with Panache

Notice how many different project that can be made with Wire Hanger Crafts. Wire coat hanger crafts are perfect for classroom art because it is inexpensive, as well as something the kids enjoy.

White as a Polar Bear: Chair backs repurposed into coat hangers

Designed by Antonello Fusè, the Abitudini series of recycled chair hangers, takes playful old chairs and transforms them into sturdy hangers that will look so good, you'll hate to close your closet


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