Hey i'm sharing this mesh.   zbro bust base mesh_2 (ztl /obj)  #BaseMesh #zbrush #wireframe

Hey i'm sharing this mesh. zbro bust base (ztl /obj) - Great reference for face topology


Similar style chibi model to what I hope to create. Perhaps less detailed with less polys

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Emma Frost WIP 21 by HazardousArts on DeviantArt

Start of the low, as per my usual style I start from the shoe and work upward. Just blocking things out at the moment slowly twekaing as I go, just about to start smoothing that ass out, and will c.

Lowpoly body mesh study - Polycount Forum

Hi, i& looking for crit, tuts and tips From Epona Schweer tutorial Richard Tilbury tutorial Slipgatecentral& ninja model study