[Dettagli] prodotti di qualità raggiungimento di 150 casi per assaporare la bellezza dei dettagli, risponde "140 329", la raccolta scaricare

[Details] achievements in quality products from 150 cases to savor the beauty of…

It’s called Clean Black and it’s all about powerful performance, bidet functionality, sanitation and remote operation. Users can control the heated seat, bidet, dryer and flush power directly from the matching touch-screen remote that also makes it possible to open and close hands-free! The dark color masks unsightly stains and its smooth curves and near seamless shape make it easy to wipe clean.

Your butt's gonna love this jet black loo with a built-in bidet! Sharp looks, top-tier technology, and a powerful flush.


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#Adidas #Black #Color #Accent #Ergonomics #Headphones #Matte #Polystyrene #White

#Adidas #Black #Color #Accent #Ergonomics #Headphones #Matte #Polystyrene #White