Door levers and handles by famous architects and designers.

Door levers and handles by famous architects and designers. Their style identity is very much reflected on the handles. For some one can easily guess the designer:)

Geo on Industrial Design Served

Geo by Ada Chiu - like the planing and drawings that went into designing and making this - gives an ideas for a process i could carry out to make small scale geometric hollow shapes

GAMER PRO by PENSAR , via Behance.

Duo Gaming teamed with Pensar to develop a family of iOS gaming devices. The Gamer Pro, an ergonomic game controller for the iPhone and iPad, is the cornerstone of the product family. Goals: + provide excellent ergonomics + build an identity unique to…

Yanko Design » Customizing The Camera Options

Equinox: A Modular Concept Camera That Can Take on Various Form Factors

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Student: Magellan's

leica system T mirrorless camera engineered like an AUDI

Earlier today, Leica unveiled its new Leica T camera system. It's an all-new mirrorless camera platform with a distinctly different design than anything Leica has produced before. Leica had a.


leica system T mirrorless camera, the process on how lump of metal becomes a frame to an exceptional camera, Made in Germany.

Leica T Type 701 Preview

Leica T Type 701 Preview