af1b21e74fba9f2f0c1fdc3d78bb7d5523afbd103c278-xvaRwv_fw658 (Изображение JPEG, 500 × 1006 пикселов)

af1b21e74fba9f2f0c1fdc3d78bb7d5523afbd103c278-xvaRwv_fw658 (Изображение JPEG, 500 × 1006 пикселов)

Beautiful tiling rock texture!

Well, another tile rock texture, this time all in zbrush. The process was very similar to the first one, but I started with a basic rock model created from polysphere with a voronoi noise (surface option) and dropped in to

ArtStation - Misc Zbrush textures, Joshua Stubbles

Some Zbrush terrain texture work. All of the rocks and dirt were sculpted individually and polypainted in Zbrush using Lightbox. The grass was made with Zbrush fibermesh. Once the assets were done, each texture was assembled in the canvas where the

ArtStation - Basalt Tests, Boyd McKenzie

Boyd McKenzie is a senior environment artist at BioWare, where he's worked on both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series.

ArtStation - Rock Rubble Sculpt - Warframe, Jesse Carpenter

Riot Art Contest - Final Turret Presentation Texture Sheet by Jesse Carpenter on ArtStation.

ArtStation - Rock Sculpt - Warframe, Jesse Carpenter

Rock Sculpt - Warframe, Jesse Carpenter on ArtStation at…

Rock Study 2, Bruce Bailey on ArtStation at

This is an example of a rock I could model and have placed around my level.

ArtStation - Uncharted 4 | Dive | Rock Materials, Bradford Smith

Various tiling rock materials I made for the underwater dive level chunk. All materials are fully procedural.