the camera collection by antonio vicentini.

slick animated style illustrations of camera - animation: antonio vicentini - illustration: billy brown

ALPHABETIC by BlinkmyBrain"

Ariel Costa has created this cool type animation experiment, Alphabetic. He has personality-packed letters in this slick animation will keep you entertained from A to Z….featuring some Wall-E style sound design by Marcelo Baldin

Peter Brings the Shadow to Life by predatory bird.

SKATEBOARD SHADOWS Joe Pease puts a Peter Pan spin on the classic skateboarding video by filming just the shadows of the skaters.


Awesome animated piece - Honda - Go Everywhere by DDB South Africa. A new Brand commercial for Honda South Africa.

Dream from 'The Glide'.

Sequence from 'The Glide', a concert performance featuring video projections behind live orchestra. Premiered at Festival Maribor in 2009 and also performed…

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