Ivy store by Suite Arquitetos Sao Paulo Brazil 10 Ivy store by Suíte Arquitetos, São Paulo – Brazil

The woman body and its curves served as inspiration for the architects triplo - Carolina Mauro, Daniela Frugiuele and Filipe Troncon – created the propose of Ivy Store.

The Gourmet Tea store in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Gourmet Tea – Pinheiros, SP / Alan Chu + Cristiano Kato

Bosco / Makoto Yamaguchi Design -- idee voor facade?

Gallery of Bosco / Makoto Yamaguchi Design - 8

Built by Makoto Yamaguchi Design in , Japan with date Images by Koichi Torimura. In converting this nondescript, three-story steel building--a former noodle factory sitting among old warehouses in d.

Hans Hollein Shop Retrospective | Trendland

Hans Hollein Shop Retrospective

A machine-for-selling: The Retti candle shop's anodized aluminum facade recalls Hollein's youthful paper architecture, with its extruded machine parts of ambiguous scale and indeterminate function.