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A wonderful display of assets, likely contributing to an RPG. There is a lot of variety which makes for multiple combinations, an element that works well in this genre. There is a lot of creativity implemented in the the styles, as well as color.

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ROIcons by CaseyD2K on DeviantArt

So for those of you that didn't know I used to work for Petroglyph Games in Las Vegas, and while I was there one of the games I worked on was a MOBA cal.

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Future : This skill icon image connects to my Artist/Creator play personality and represents a part of my future in Game Design. I plan to incorporate icons like this into my RPG and Strategy games to visually represent skills and game mechanics.

日韩欧美风格图标 装备衣服武器 手游游戏...

日韩欧美风格图标 装备衣服武器 手游游戏...

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