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We are a design studio based in Oslo. We design and develop objects and spaces.

Neva sideboard designed by Regular Company

Enthusiastic, clean or refined, all the styles of your home is here. What do you think about this outstanding casegood design?

Product Design #productdesign

Details we like / Kitchen / GAs / Stove / Black / cast / Silver / Sturdy / at leManoosh

Details we like / Micro USB / Surface Transition / Gray / at Project U.F.O. on Behance

At the start of I picked up Rhino as my second CAD program. I started a series of fun modeling experiments to practice form fluency in the program as well as quick KeyShot rendering compositions.


Harman Kardon Aura

Another work of art by Harman Kardon. After presenting the beautiful Nova speakers, Harman Kardon have now revealed the stunning Aura wireless speaker. Aura is made with premium materials and features a powerful subwoofer visible trough the tran


Braun "most of all, good design is as little design ad possible" - Dieter rams

MIRRORED on Behance

twelvemonthly is a ‘monthly life design magazine’. We seek for question marks /?/ in everyday life and interpret them in our own perspectives to come up with ideas with exclamation marks /!