Con esta imagen te dan ganas de que la ciencia no sea tu pie a al tierra sino tu imaginación.

Assembled Figurines by Garret Kane Appear to Burst with the Seasons arte de hombre árbol

Vintage 1940s Back Bib Runway Necklace - Guh, with a backless black dress?

Vintage Pearl Back Bib Runway Necklace - Lovely with an open back dress

Inhale. Helen Pynor. 2006. Knitted human hair. 76 x 128 x 25 cm. Image courtesy the artist, GV Art, London, and Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney. Photo Danny Kildare.

Textile Art - delicate ethereal dress sculptures made with knitted hair // "Exhale," Helen Pynor. So much presence with few visual clues.

Реальная виртуальность: проект художника Мото Ваганари (Moto Waganari)

30 Cool Shadow Art Examples

German artist Moto Waganari crafts intricate human sculptures using filigree wires, but there are hidden surprises in his works of wired art. The artist uses light to tease out the ‘alter egos’ of his sculptures, which splay out on the wall as dramatic, t


Joji Kojima 's sculptural accessories draw inspiration by anything macabre, from sculls and bones to fetish masks, full of the glitz of ch.

살풀이 춤 Korean Traditional Salpuri Dance

살풀이 춤 Korean Traditional Salpuri Dance