Siegecraft TD 1 by mavhn on deviantART

Low poly assets for Iphone game I worked on recently. Siegecraft TD I modeled and textured all the grassland and jungle levels props and some of the mine and mountain levels. Also created all the Interface elements and the logo.

The Portfolio of Marie Lazar

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3d city on Behance

City model created by Anna Paschenko, a freelancer designer and illustrator from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Super detailed city in in Sim City style.

Show your hand painted stuff, pls! - Page 36 - Polycount Forum

Digital environments foliage hand painted Texture stylized Pictures and Images

Low Poly Trees by SoulAwesome This Set has 4 trees in 4 different shades. They are very low poly triangles each) and are optimized for top down perspectives

From fishing village to post-industrial city *animation on Behance

From fishing village to post-industrial city *animation by Kuba Matyka, via Behance

Subsurface scattering test by Mohamed Chahin

Subsurface scattering test