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Guitar Urinal - Today in awesome: A Brazilian company called Guitar Pee has created a musical urinal that turns your stream into a solo. When your flow hits the tabs in the urinal, prerecorded, solo guitar sounds play. New meaning to the word Guitar Wiz

lamellen_2.jpg (800×650)

lamellen_2.jpg (800×650)

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Peelable Post Cards - Peeler from Akihloh is a series of greeting cards. Their creative idea is based on the tradition of sending seasonal fruits. Each greeting card is.

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[NSFW] Print advertisement for Ché Magazine (Title: "Short Skirt"; Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson and Dirk Domen;

rolled-up-poster.jpg (1600×1131)

Effective and poignant Anit-Smoking Awareness campaign - Secretaria de Saúde de Pernambuco: Rolled up poster

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Some Of The Best Interactive Package Designs Ever Packaging That Turns Into A Hanger Meat Packaging With A Freshness Indicator Packaging Folds Into A Fake Plate Origami Bottle Label Squishable Wine.

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20 Creative and Smart McDonald’s Advertisement Designs over World

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Flat Time by designer Finn Magee is a poster of a digital alarm clock that is actually a functioning clock. Scroll down to see his other functional posters

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