Album art for Western Vinyl

Botany Deepak Verbera Vinyl Packaging Label: Western Vinyl ︎ Listen/Buy Deepak Verbera, the third LP by Austin’s Spencer Stephenson.

Polka dot Wonderplant

I just love the new Wonderplant Photography Series by Sarah Illenberger. These pictures are a colors explosion, plus the geometric forms combined with plants works really good to me.

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Design Inspiration // Dark Side of Typography *could be mix of gift illustrations, YS tech icons, yantras, etc

Geigy – Sintrom , c.1958  Designer: Unknown    9.25 x 4.25", German    From 1941-1970, J.R. Geigy A.G., the Swiss pharmaceutical and chemical company headquartered in Basel worked with leading designers to create a visual vocabulary know as the “Geigy style”. This ‘anonymous’ language was often (not exclusively) represented by white space, the use of Akzidenz-Grotesk type, photographs, stylized graphics or drawings, color contrasts and the use of a grid.

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charlotte huyghe - or @gremlinsgang on ig

charlotte huyghe - or @gremlinsgang on ig