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Font Size Change on Poster, Attention/Personalized -- Strong typo on pale photo book cover (Cover Magazine / Book Youth)

Vive le Graphisme

Vive le graphisme by Tristan Bagot: A little bit more graphic design centered but a cool illustration on a redundant infinity pencil.

// Théâtre l’Échangeur Bagnolet by Boris Gautier ((gradient used in very…

Boris Gautier – I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer, currently working as a freelancer in Paris. I have worked on a multitude of projects, on supports such as print and web media, typography, illustration and visual identity. I am actively.

MATTHEW TAPIA  AMD - really digging this neon sign style!

second publication project done back in March for a local publisher, Chinatown Newspaper. I was asked to come up with a graphic that embodied the essence of Chinatown, as well as the spirit of.