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Best UI UX Design of March 2017 is a collection composed by Web and Mobile applications.

뱅크월렛 카카오

New subscription to the existing Bank Wallet Kakao mobile cash cards and NFC-type app for customers using bank money is not available.

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Syrup Wallet - 내게 필요한 혜택을 한번에!- 스크린샷

Syrup adds sweetness to life plus more benefits and even has a new function to Syrup Wallet.


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소셜커머스에 스마트폰 잠금 화면까지…진화하는 기부 문화 - 아주경제

소셜커머스에 스마트폰 잠금 화면까지…진화하는 기부 문화 - 아주경제

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