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Emma Watson's Year in Books Will Have You Stocking Up for 2017

Looking for new books for the new year? For literary inspiration, actor and advocate Emma Watson has a few recommendations. Maybe it’s time to take notes and hit your local bookstore. For more book recommendations, head to Domino.

Nice ... very nice

I don't wanna live in this thing, but maybe, like, an adult tree house in the backyard? You know, over the creek that will inevitably be in the yard of my dream home?

the maldives. #travel #bucketlist

Shangri-La Vilingili Resort, Maldives - From private ocean retreats to tropical tree houses, villas at Villingili Resort & Spa offer luxurious accommodations with sensational sea views.

The crystal clear water seems calming and purifying. A transcendentalist would enjoy a nice relaxing swim in this water while being in touch withe the beauty of nature.

Steps To The Sea, Rivera Maya, Mexico. This evokes memories of sunlight on the turquoise water of a swimming pool as I waited at the steps and looked down at the water, when I was a child.