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Static Movement by We Are Not You

Static Movement Experimental work by WE ARE NOT YOU, a a multi-disciplinary design studio, based in Los Angeles. “ “These are the outcome of a simple experiment, to give static images the feeling of.

Repetition in real life!

Repetition: the building all have the same design which creates repetition in the photo.

glamourtramp:illustration mrzyk & moriceau

Eccentric duo mrzyk moriceau - famed for their offbeat illustrations toeing the line between the dreamlike and the lustful in a way only France seems to cultivate. via itsnicethat

Nature Outlook - Emiliano Ponzi

Emiliano Ponzi is an illustrator based in Milan, he works for international clients as New York Times, New Yorker, Le Monde.

Magpie, United

#geometry #triangle #girl

This manipulated Picture is againg a example o diopitionationg cetain parts of a black and whit Image. A easy but effective way to make a Image unice and different. The use of geometrical Patterns and triangles is realy interesting and atention grabbing.