Gorgeous packaging design. Even though I don't speak Russian, I knew it was tea. I'm guessing the box on the left is chamomile and the second from the right is chrysanthemum. Anyone know? | Artea. Package © Мария Пономарева

Not tin, but oh, my! Artea Tea set, hand-made style designed for creative persons. The consumer has the choice to make the tea they want which coincides with their mood and situation.

Meer.li - Volvo Cars TR by Volvo Cars TR #digitaldesign #design #app

li - Volvo Cars TR by Volvo Cars TR Great idea for dark ui design.

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I'm a fan of the flat analogous tiles for diff icons. The Horoscope App android smartphone flat design

Savant Systems new Savant App for professional home automation.

Home control systems add the ability for a user to prioritize their interface they way they want to use it .