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This puts the desk over the bed instead of under, so they're sharing floor space, but you don't have a bunk bed. The stairs and the platform have drawers in them. Compact Furniture For a Small Sized Kids Room

fariedesign:  Design is not some buttons in your photoshop.

I know of way too many people that think plugging things into an app or clicking a button in Photoshop is design. Don't get me wrong, these things are handy and cool but it doesn't make you a designer.

Tokyo | A Designer Font Duo — Jen Wagner

Say hello to Tokyo! This is a super cool font duo that looks especially beautiful in the context of big, colorful, artistic projects where you want to highlight a couple letters or numbers.

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ハロハロ 果実氷いちご|WEBデザイナーさん必見!ランディングページのデザイン参考に(アート・芸術系)

ハロハロ 果実氷いちご|WEBデザイナーさん必見!ランディングページのデザイン参考に(アート・芸術系)