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Hi folks!  I hope you remember my Workout Book app concept? I'm not done with it yet. Here is one more interaction I made for it.   For this one I needed some nice and easy to use multi selection o...

Add Exercises Interaction

The PartyUp App: Events / Kreativa Studio

The PartyUp App - Events

Here is another screen from The PartyUp app. This one shows transition from events feed to dedicated event screen. The original animation is a bit slower, but we needed to speed it up bec.

25 Gorgeous Material Design Interface Animations

25 Gorgeous Material Design Interface Animations

Printer gallery where you can print photos from a specific hashtag from social media services. Playing around with some animation for the "Fetch latest photos" button which will search for the la.

UI Interactions of the week #16

UI design animation: Health App Login by Jakub Antalík - Dribbble - created via…