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Maestro Pizza

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Nyurka Came! A New Russian Milk Brand

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Process: El Mariachi Red Wine Series

process for El Mariachi wine labels and neck hanger. beautiful incorporation of typography and colors

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New and Joy: Placemat, Pot Pad, Coaster

With one month to go until Christmas, we feel it is time to start talking  about ‘Christmas-tastic’ pieces of packaging.   Design Bridge brings festive craft and jollification to Cadbury Christmas  range: featuring felt fabric details layered on top of knitted winter  landscapes, the designs are used across 22 products, which include advent  calendars and gift boxes, and bring a new sense of festive fun and  Christmas crafting to the range.

Cadbury Christmas Range

Santa's little helpers are here to the rescue this holiday season with  Kleenex to soothe all those stuffy noses. Designed by Design Bureau, boxed  tissue transforms into a fireplace with all the bells and whistles.  Portable packs are personified with elves, reindeer, and St. Nick himself.

Kleenex holidays


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