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the futuristic vehicle is designed to look like it could have been built in an airplane
a woman's head with wires attached to it and an electronic device in the foreground
Intel Robot by Vladislav Ociacia A. I. Robot Looks Fantastic and Very Futuristic too
a robot is standing in the dark with its head turned to look like it has gears on
Vladislav Ociacia's cyborg art
Based in Kiev, Ociacia has worked with the like of Intel, Republic of Games, Zoho and Pepsi before.
four different views of the same table top
Suntree Solar Charger: Inspired by Nature - GetdatGadget
tree solar charger
an advertisement for the sony micro computer smc - 70, which was introduced in japan
Sony Micro Computer SMC-70, 1982
an image of a helicopter that is in the air and has different parts labeled on it
AH-21 C Hailstorm by exizt on DeviantArt
Concept and idea The AH21/B, codename "Seth", is the latest version of the ATH21/A "Khamsin". Both designs are based on two grand designs. The very first concept model is from the mechanical design...
a white robot sitting on top of a table
AMIGO (Autonomous Mate for IntelliGent Operations) #Robot
a close up of a microscope with the words abb on it's side
MIT Technology Review
The Next Wave of Factory Robots
an electric bus is shown with its doors open and trees in the backgroud - Главный ресурс о транспортном дизайне. Дизайн авто. Портфолио. Фотогалерея. Проекты. Дизайнерский форум. - La ressource principale de la conception du véhicule. voitures de conception. Portefeuille. Galerie de photos. Projets. Forum.
three color recycling bins, made of wood and metal
Epoxy Cabinet Dust Bin with 24L Capacity and 3 Compartments Garbage Classification
three different types of electronic gadgets are shown in this image, one is blue and the other is black
Futuristic MAB Sphere Spits out Flying Robots to Clean Your House!
Futuristic MAB Sphere Spits out Flying Robots to Clean Your House! | Inhabitat
a helmet mounted on the side of a wall with wires attached to it's sides
Alpha leader
If they had this when I was flying I wouldn't have needed that mini gun, I could have scared them to death!
an electronic device with a green smiley face on it's display screen, attached to a speaker
Togel Hongkong, Togel Sidney, Togel Singapore, Keluaran Togel Hari Ini Tercepat
Exclamation Marky Flying Robot
a woman dressed in blue and orange holding a helmet
space suit | Charlize Theron
a silver and black computer mouse sitting on top of a desk
audi one concept.
the interior of a car with blue lights
90+ Epic Industrial Design
hyundai concept
a silver computer mouse on a gray surface
It's a Man's World
Audi Concept Car
three different views of an electric scooter with wheels on each side and the front wheel
‘One’ – Folding Bicycle by Thomas Owen - Yanko Design
★♥★ ‘One’ – Folding #Bicycle Concept by Thomas Owen ★♥★ 'Un" - concept de vélo pliant par Thomas #Owen #ThomasOwen #Tech #Gadgets #Gadget #technology #technologie #Social #Media #SocialMedia #tool #design #designer #evolution #modern #Goodies #Stuff #truc #tricks #tips
a black computer mouse sitting on top of a white table
Saab 9 Griffin Concept Car.
an image of the inside of a car seat with parts labeled in red and white
Snowshoes Concept Design
Snowshoes Concept Design by Alessandro Notario, via Behance
an aerial view of a futuristic vehicle in white and green colors on a black background
Roewe Mobiliant Concept - Top View
Roewe Mobiliant Concept - Top View
a bunch of different types of hair dryers on a green background with text that reads,
Digital Product Sketching
Product Sketching & Ideation by Mason Umholtz, via Behance
the scooters are designed to look like they have wheels
gabe puerto
3 Wheeler ideation
several different types of car parts are shown in this graphic style, including the front and rear bumpers
This is a compilation of various sketches and sketch rendering from several different projects. Jake Childs... - a grouped images picture
This is a compilation of various sketches and sketch rendering from several different projects. Jake Childs - created via
sketches of electronic devices and their functions
Core77 + Aava Mobile Design Invitational: The Results are In!
product design sketches
two different views of an airplane flying in the sky with lights on it's wings
Veículos de Tron e Capitão America, por Daniel Simon
Tron concept
an image of a bunch of items that are in the shape of a circle on a white background
a bunch of sketches of backpacks that are in different positions and sizes, all with the same design
Stefan Fernandes
Sketches by stefan #id #product #sketch
a toy robot with two missiles attached to it's back
LEGO mecha
a bunch of different types of shoes and footwear on a white background with green accents
Nike ARKTIKA by Matthew Choto, via Behance ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン | çizgi film • Find more at & if you're looking for: bandes dessinées, dessin animé #animation #banda #desenhada #toons #manga #BD #historieta #sketch #how #to #draw #strip #fumetto #settei #fumetti #manhwa #anime #cartoni #animati #comics #cartoon || ✤
some sketches of backpacks and their features
Boreas hit Kickstarter
Design sketches
a drawing of a motorcycle is shown in black and white, as if it were drawn by hand
motorcycle concept sketch
three different views of a table made out of plywood planks and wood with one person reaching for the top
【创意家居】隐藏式储物凳 HIDE ——斯德哥尔摩设计学院学生 Tove Greitz 带来的一款日常小木凳。虽然储存杂物是附加功能,但做得一点也不马糊,设计师将解谜类的移动方块游戏融入其中,要打开柜子你就得先动动手、动动脑 。虽然谜底很简单,但挡挡家里的熊孩子也足够了。via:
a white and blue cabinet with some sort of furniture on it's display shelf
Aura Cabinet
two different types of bicycles with surfboards on the back
Scrubs Shop | Discount Lens Accessories
two different types of bicycles with sidecar and front basket, one in white and the other in black
Sunny Sundays * Retro Mum Bikes
a scooter is shown in this black and white drawing, it appears to be an electric scooter
Industrial Design Sketch by Li Qing, via Behance
Fashion designer Lela Rose rides her work tricycle on the streets of NYC. Girls On Bike, Nyc Fashion, Bicycle Girl, Cyclist, Bikes Girl, Cycle Chic, Bike Style, Biking
rickshaw fashionista
Fashion designer Lela Rose rides her work tricycle on the streets of NYC.
a green bike with some bags on the front and back tire, against a black background
Adventure Bike
a bicycle with a bag on the back parked in front of a brick sidewalk and cobblestone walkway
Vintage bicycles for sale
Old school touring bike. Nice!
a green bike with a basket on the back
New Summer Clothing for Women
Yup. I would totally rock this rickshaw.
an old fashioned bicycle with a red cover on it's back tire and seat
rickshaw obsession
two children are riding in a bike cart that is attached to the back of a bicycle
Bicycle Sidecar
sidecar for bicycle / bike - very cool!
a bicycle with a basket on the front and back wheel, parked against a white background
Fancy - Swiss Army Bike
two men with backpacks walking on the side of a road next to an orange and black scooter
Cosas y Diseños Increibles