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PERIOD/MOOD: Stark lighting, and minimal furniture for past in juxtaposition with futures abundance of high-tech furniture and lighting. Shows the past was about the minimal necessities and entertainment, while the future is full of opportunity and sleek designs. Because of the advancements from the future the things they own and have can be focused on looks as well as their practical uses unlike the past.

Marcos Calamato - These eerie furniture photographs are the works of photographer and graphic designer Marcos Calamato. The photo series consists of a chair, a telev.

Doug Wheeler

Installation view of SF NM BI SP at Selections from Changing Perceptions: The Panza Collection at the Guggenheim Museum, 2002 Photo: Erika Barahona Ede

Entrances to look at.  3 Doors - Possible idea to represent 3 rooms.  Design by: Johanes Scutz

Born in 1950 in Frankfurt am Main , in the Johannes Schütz studied with and was assistant to Wilfried Minks in Hamburg and Berlin.

"I Went To The House But Did Not Enter" Set Design by Klaus Grünberg.

i went to the house but did not enter, Théâtre Vidy, Lausanne, Set design and light: Klaus Grünberg, Costumes: Florence von Gerkan (with Hilliard Ensemble)

Design - Iluminação - Teatro                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Design - Iluminação - Teatro Más part of light show, panels of light that look like doors. That can flit on and off.