fibonacci shelf

fibonacci shelf - The metal shelf applies the principles of the Fibonacci sequence, which is also called Golden Section for the intimately connection with the golden ratio, to arrange every size of its units in series. The Fibonacci Sequence is a series o

David Rockefeller Award |...

The David Rockefeller Award trophy, re-imagined by Harry Allen Design for MoMA, represents a little model of MoMA, rendered in an interpretive variety of materials, sitting on top of a cement base.

Introducing: Designgoat - News - Frameweb

Introducing: Designgoat

Yrjö Kukkapuro; #509 Enameled Metal and Lacquered Wood Rocking Chair for Avarte Oy, 1982.

Enameled Metal and Lacquered Wood Rocking Chair for Avarte Oy,

En trío - AD España, © Manolo Yllera Sobre la pared panelada de madera en el piso berlinés de un coleccionista, tres dibujos de Hans Arp. Escritorio Compas Direction de Prouvé, silla Senat de Pierre Jeanneret, lámpara de Mouille, bandeja de Noll y cálices de Jouve Foto Manolo Yllera

Arte en casa

Digging this spot from Emmanuel de Bayser, which features nothing but original and perfectly maintained furniture from the The end result is a home


The Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang

The Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang of Utopia Architecture & Design pulls upon the most ubiquitous and fascinating pattern of numbers in all of mathematics – the Fibonacci

Muller Van Severen

Founded in Muller Van Severen is the moniker of Belgian husband-and-wife team Hannes Van Severen and Fien Muller. Van Severen is a sculptor, and was born .