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Funny pictures about Join the resistance. Oh, and cool pics about Join the resistance. Also, Join the resistance photos. Funny Baby Images, Funny Pictures For Kids, Funny Kids, Vape Pictures, Amazing Pictures, Physics Jokes, Science Humor, Science Cartoons, Science Chemistry

20 More Spectacularly Nerdy Science Jokes

Resistance is not futile. It's voltage divided by current. Check out the first installment of nerdy science jokes here.

im such a nerd lol i loveThis spooky distribution chart. Math Puns, Science Puns, Math Humor, Biology Humor, Grammar Humor, Calculus Humor, Physics Humor, Easy Science, Preschool Science

This spooky distribution chart.

Time to flex that humor muscle. Your brain, of course.

Fun science comics under the name Paramecium Parlor by The Amoeba Sisters. Check out our science categories to browse comics. Science Comics, Science Cartoons, Science Puns, Science Biology, Teaching Science, Life Science, Teaching Reading, Cell Biology, Forensic Science

Antibody Hats

Pathogens should not accessorize with antibodies. Comic by The Amoeba Sisters.

 Fred Flintstone also needs to see a podiatrist immediately! Funny Cartoons, Funny Comics, Funny Jokes, Hilarious, It's Funny, Funny Shit, Daily Cartoons, Funny Laugh, Bizarro Comic

Expert In Feet Dr. Daniel Drapacz

Expert In Feet Dr. Daniel Drapacz | Funny cartoons, Funny p, Humor

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‘If at first you don't succeed.... THE SCIENCE VERSION.’ by twisteddoodles

'If at first you don't succeed. THE SCIENCE VERSION.' by twisteddoodles

 Movie Scientist, take one: Get ready for summer blockbuster movie science! Lab Humor, Science Puns, Chemistry Jokes, Biology Memes, Science Comics, Weird Science, Funny Comic Strips, Funny Comics, Funny Jokes

Real vs Movie Scientist - post

Real vs Movie Scientist - Impur biochemist for the win

Funny pictures about Scientist exclamation. Oh, and cool pics about Scientist exclamation. Also, Scientist exclamation. Lab Humor, Nerd Humor, Physics Humor, Geology Humor, Science Memes, Funny Science, Biology Memes, Science Cartoons, Science Fun

‘The truth about working in science’ by twisteddoodles

'The truth about working in science' by twisteddoodles. Inspired by real lab work. I've heard swear words in many different languages.

Microbiology Student Creates Stunning Art Using Bacteria Cultures : NPR Petri Dish, Science Geek, Arts Award, Agar, Microbiology, Small Art, Art Object, The Guardian, Petra

A Cultural Triumph: Microbiology Student Makes A Petri Dish Masterpiece

Balaram Khamari has been spending a lot of time in his lab in Puttaparthi, India, culturing colorful bacteria and artfully arranging it on a jelly like substance called agar.