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Lovely pine

Här är den. Mitt senaste loveköp. En Pinus mugo 'Humpy'. Lyckan var stor när jag väl hade bestämt mig. Har ställt den allra längst bort i vita rabatten, där planteringarna övergår till den gröna och sparsmakade delen i trädgården. Snön är borta, men det mesta är fortfarande brunt och torkat. Grönska kom!! °°° Sommar, sommar... Nu blir det lite repris för er som följt med i mina förehanvanden ett tag :-) I den här delen av trädgården är det mesta grönt. Flera barrväxter och endast några få…

SHADE PLANTS  1."Rosebud" azalea  2."Aureomarginata" Hosta  3.River Birch  4. Chinese Ginger  5. "Eternal Flame" Hosta  6. Epimedium  7. "Cinnamon Sticks" Hosta  8. "Little Honey" Hydrangea  9. "Choo Choo Train" Hosta  10. Erythrocladium Striped Maple  11. Sundowner Phormium  12. Yellow Wave Phormium  13. "Blue Shadow" Hosta

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DESIGNER: Eve Thyrum LOCATION: Wilmington, Delaware LIGHT: High, filtered shade SOIL: Loamy, moist, well-drained soil due to an initial doubledigging with compost several years ago. The bed is now regularly […]

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Perennials That Thrive in Shade | Proven Winners.

Winning the Battle: Perennials That Thrive in Shade

Proven Winners - Winning the Battle: Perennials That Thrive in Shade in Shade Finding the Right Plant Home Gardens and Perennials

$7 Boston Fern from Walmart-water daily and fertilize weekly with Epsom salts to grow a huge fern.

$7 Boston Fern from Walmart-water daily and fertilize weekly with Epsom salts to grow a huge fern.

Solar Light - Oh to Extend the View in the Evening ~ Bonus as a Hose Guide

How to Build a Pathway Lamppost

Pick up some stock cedar and a hanging lantern to construct a custom garden fixture

The top 10 shade plants for your garden!❤️

Starlette's of the Shade Garden

Think those sunny gardens have all the fun? That big drama can only be accomplished in full sun? Not true! Here are a few of the Drama Queens kicking up a fuss in my shade/pt shade garden. Meconopsis Grandis or Blue Asiatic Poppy can be difficult to site, It needs loose, well drained fertile soil in part shade. Once established it will bloom like gangbusters for you every June/July. Hellebore are a wonderful winter/early spring perennial in the shade garden. This one is particularl…

Hostas in a pot: every spring they return, in the pot! Add geraniums and ivy for a fuller look. Why do I not think of this?

Ultimate use of container to grow plants.

Be creative with the shape, the unique the better for your garden decor.

Grow Bigger Hostas

How to Grow Bigger Hostas

Hostas make an amazing addition to any home garden, but this one weird little trick will show you how to grow bigger hostas with just one ingredient! The secret ingredient? Epsom salts! Epsom salts is hydrated magnesium sulfate and it consists of 10% magnesium and 13% sulfur. Both of these are essential nutrients for plants to grow bigger and healthier, therefore using Epsom salts on your plants is a no-brainer! But how to grow bigger hostas using Epsom salts? Keep reading to find out! How…

Yellow Corydalis  This hard-working perennial takes the prize for being the longest bloomer in the shade garden. Enjoy its clusters of yellow flowers from late spring all the way to frost. It's not just the flowers that are beautiful; the gray-green leaves are attractive as well. The plant grows about 12 inches tall and is hardy in Zones 5-8.

17 Perennials That Will Thrive in Shady Gardens

Brighten up not-so-sunny areas of your landscape with the foliage and flowers of these easy-to-grow plants. These pretty perennials for shade will come back year after year to fill your garden with color.

They don't call this 'cast iron plant' for nothing! Tough foliage plant that thrives even in deep shade…broad strappy evergreen leaves to 2' tall and 5" wide are dramatically frosted white from mid leaf to the tips. Slowly spreads eventually forming a dense clump.

Aspidistra elatior 'Asahi' | plant lust

A gorgeous selection of the same cast iron plant. Though this isn't the biggest aspidistra in the world it reaches about 12 to 23 the size of typical at about 18 to 25 tall with 6 wide leaves brushed cream especially towards the tips. A stunning garden or container plant that can thrive in the deepest of shade. Best if kept out of direct sunlight especially in hot climates. Frost hardy in USDA zone 8 upper zone 7 with protection. Protect from slugs and snails.

◾Hostas tolerate shade. ◾Hostas are low maintenance. ◾Hostas have a 3 season presence. ◾Hostas blend beautifully with other perennials, annuals, trees, and shrubs.

Landscaping designs & installations by Brian & Brent Cossell.

Find the best landscaping designs by Brian Cossell at Cossell's Creative Landscaping,

How To Grow Sweet Potato Vines. This will be perfect for the hanging baskets by the shade structure.

How To Grow Sweet Potato Vines. This will be perfect for the hanging baskets by the shade structure.