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What's your object? by Michelle Lee, via Behance

A playful, interactive web design. Through story mode and/or filtering mode, user can find an object from the collection that suits their visual preferences.

200 years..logo design.#logo #design #typography #pinterest

Cool design for a logo. It has the text underneath giving the reader a sense of what they're reading. Modern and sleek.

#design #logo

Here's an idea for my personal logo, created with one solid line and some anchor points. The letters M & B proved very hard to turn into a symbol. if anyone wants to give it a go I'd love to see your ideas. > combining letters to make a symbol


this logo was not pleasing to me because to me its just 3 humps it doesn't really mean anything for me by looking at it.

Cycle Sierra Nevada

Rejected proposal for training camps in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in sunny Andalusia, Spain.