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Mesmerizing Mixed Media Portraits (12 total)

Using a variety of different tools including a bic pen, watercolors and Chinese ink, artist Florian Nicolle creates amazing, mixed media portraits. After

Art journal assignment: do initial pencil sketch to frame object, then add darkest tones first in black marker, or charcoal. Add torn paper details then finish by highlighting with white and gray pastels.


I wonder if I am getting off course with this one and the woodpecker. I like the way the cut-out text looks, but this may be getting too craftsy for what I've been doing.

Collage: layer 1--bright paints, layer 2--printed and plain tissue papers, layer3--additional shapes.

Collages 2010 - Brilliant Colors - Elisabeth Gross Marks

Abstraact paintings, collage, and sculpture characterized by brrilliant colors by German-born artist living and working in Ithaca, New York.

Upcyclist: a website that features eco-friendly designs

The environment is one of the most important things in my field of vision and my thought processes right now. I love the concept of upcycling, it will have

collage art!

Ideas and Inspiration

This is turning into a place for my online 'window' shopping to reside while I decide if a purchase...

samuel price's dog portrait collages are made with hand-cut photos from recycled magazines. so cool!!

Samuel Price’s Incredible Dog Portrait Collages

Stunning dog portrait collages made of hand-cut photographs from recycled magazines by San Francisco artist Samuel Price.

Mixed media collage bird by Nancy Standlee.  Acrylic, collage, mixed media, and water colour.

Blog Discovery - Nancy Standlee

I mentioned in my bird inspired posts earlier in the month how my research had lead me to discover lots of new and exciting blogs. I had...


28 Ideas And Examples Of Amazing Paper Art — Smashing Magazine

The times when paper was considered to be the primary medium for artistic expression is long gone. Many writers and designers use digital media to improvise and develop their ideas. However, there is something particuliar in this “physical” canvas — something that keeps us getting back to paper when we want to brainstorm ideas in a notebook, doodle around in a sketchbook, collect inspiration in a scrapbook or just draw some sketches for the next project.

Illustration of London by Charles Tsevis.  London: The Capital of Romance Illustration for the St.Valentine's special issue of Evening Standard magazine. A heart formed by the actual map of London area.

Pieces of Me

I lived in London for seven years. I was transferred there for a one-year assignment by my former employer. But after a year, I decided to stay another year. And then another. And then I finally…