Built by L'EAU design in Seoul, South Korea with date 20058. Images by Park Wan-soon. Expansion of Commercial District and Destiny of Residential Area.   In between Apgujeong-dong where the middle class ...

Bati_rieul / L'EAU design

Great way to get light into a basement level

If you're struggling to scrape together that deposit for a studio flat in London you might want to look away now. A new-build property in Kensington (where else?

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Bi Parting Minimal Windows Sliding Doors with above frameless rooflight by IQ Glass

A walk on glass floorlight above this rear extension allows light into the below space whilst creating a small balcony above

The Click Clack Hotel in Bogota, Colombia

The Click Clack Hotel in Bogota, Colombia by plan:B Arquitectos and Perceptual Studio More about the Click Clack hotel and another architecture inspiration on WE AND THE.



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A McDonald's with a spiral staircase? Now we've seen everything.

McDonald's restaurant has a golden facade and spiral staircase

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