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VM House is an apartment house that consists of two buildings in the shape of letters ‘V' and ‘M', seeming to embrace one another. They are matched in a new concept based on the rational and functional, rather than aesthetic interests. With bold triangular balconies protruding from the apartment's facade like the spikes of a hedgehog

VM House-triangular balconies protriuding from the apartment's facade like spikes of a hedgehog

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Architecture : Crooked House by Szotnyscy Zaleski. Built in 2004 and designed by architect Szotnyscy Zaleski, this building in Sopot, Poland, has been inspired by Polish artist Jan Marcin Szancer’s work.

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Metalmorphosis - mirrored water fountain by Czech sculptor David Černý -- Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte, NC. Massive stainless steel layers rotate 360 degrees and occasionally align to create a massive head.