North Standard Trading Post

Would be great to have something like this bear but with the message - 'Hackensak Trading Post. Bears Welcome.

Patch Co. by Caleb Heisey

"Supporting State Parks through Rad Design," story featured on ModCloth. Flat badge designs by student Caleb Heisey.

rethinking the birth certificate by I WANT design

Birth Announcement: A Birth Certificate Redesigned. Every possible detail you could ever want to know about someone's birth presented in a clean modern layout.

keep it you

Keep it simple keep it honest keep it you Quote about Life - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

Calendar Girl    Editorial spreads for the Winter / Spring 2012 cover story of Washington's Bride & Groom issue.

Great ideas for typography - Calendar Girl, Editorial spreads for the Winter / Spring 2012 cover story of Washington's Bride & Groom issue from Design Army


déco & jeux : Deuz

alphabet cards ~ This would be a fun project to get the students involved in ~ Each student could create a card for a specific letter


Labels can be so confusing these days, and even when a product has the word “natural” on the label it can be difficult to know whether it is really the case. Trying to read the list of ingredients on the back of any beauty product can be extremely.

Story of my life

ughhhh story of my life! (although I think it's more like, 'Too many ideas, not enough discipline to FIND the time to actually WORK on them!

50 free fonts designers should have or know about. There are some really killer typefaces here.

55 best free fonts for designers

art direction | domino still life photography - james cullen

i like this photo because of the falling dominos in the background but at the front there is no movement emphasizing the still life


Glade by kendalkinggroup. This is a real shop display, but a mini version of this in Kaia's pretend shop would be awesome. que bello!

#때를기다려 (차근차근) - #타이포그래피#일러스트레이션#그래픽#박지후#때#hangul#궁디팡팡#타이포#일러스트#잘될거야#열심히할때

#때를기다려 (차근차근) - #타이포그래피#일러스트레이션#그래픽#박지후#때#hangul#궁디팡팡#타이포#일러스트#잘될거야#열심히할때