Infographic Of The Day: Why Should You Care About Typography?

子供と行く海外旅行|Infographics|ANA Travel & Life

Oh, I LOVE this color palette! nice amount of space, really cute illustration, really easy to transpose and to use Lansinoh colors!

Top 5 medical discoveries [infographic] - Holy Kaw!

Timeline: The top 5 medical discoveries in history, with detailed info on each discovery via this infographic from Carrington College.


Information Graphic - Design Inspiration GHA Brand Alignment / Website / Infographic Series by Hype & Slippers , via Behance

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Infographic of the Day: Who Cares if Honey Bees Are Dying?

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The Sad State of Social Media Privacy | Infographic

The Sad State of Social Media Privacy

An infographic about cheese, types of cheese, from what animal the milk came from, cheese jokes and cheese quotes.

Here are some handy cheese facts on a brilliant infographic. Just love this poster!