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This site tells me exactly what I'm looking at. This is a Scrooser and this is what it looks like. It explains in brief what it is and what it does, everything is laid out nicely and there is a good balance of information and images/graphics.

Headphone Design

Elegant design constructed from Gem feature quality components;High-energy neodymium magnets, drivers, while swivel earcups add collapsible convenience-marking …

마찬가지로, 보라색이 웹사이트에 선호되는 컬러가 아님에도 불구하고 사용했다는것에 박수쳐주고 싶음. 청보라와 적보라가 적절히 섞인게 이건 훨씬 마음에 듬!

Here are beautiful music website designs for inspiration featured below. These web designs will be proven the huge source of inspiration.

Lamp that is switched on and off by simply toggling it left or right.

This is a unique lamp designed by Yonggu Do. This lamp has unique form of toggle switch, just it bigger than the real switch. To switched on or off this lamp

Dronexe Landing Page Design

Drone Credit: DJ This is another one for Drone > DRONEXE I just try to make some new ideas to make drone landing page design.